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Hotel Reservations Are Now Open!

Westercon 66 is pleased to announce that room reservations at the Hilton Arden West are now open!

We have negotiated a room rate of $109/night for single/double/triple/quad occupancy for the dates July 3 through July 9, 2013

Reservations may be made via our custom reservation page or by using the group code WES in the main Hilton reservation system.

Contact if you have any questions.

Westercon 66 at 70th Worldcon

Chicon is the 70th World Science Fiction Convention. All agents, the committed and the curious, are invited to attend a Westercon 66 “Ordinary Hotel Room” party in room 3352 at 8pm on Friday, August 31.

Our special agents can also be found in the fan table area, in case you need to register.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter – @Westercon66 – to get time/room updates!

Attention Dealers!

The Dealers Room is now open for applications! Thanks for waiting. Check out the At the Con/Dealers Room page for details.

Agent 66 is sure to be eager to get the latest gear!

Westercon 66 Community Forums Now Live

Looking for a roommate? Want to share a ride? Want to start a discussion/ask a question/find a friend without using more public social media?

Register and use the Westercon 66 Community Forums, designed specifically for you!

Visit to create your account and get started!

The Westercon 66 Community Forums are powered by phpBB.

Open Meeting Invite

Already a staff member or thinking about joining us in the concom (convention committee) ? Want to find out more about what we’re planning or how you might help? Then please attend our first open committee meeting.

We’ll be meeting in our hotel, the Hilton Arden West, on Sunday, July 29th at 11 AM. Which means you can check out the hotel, get the lay of the land, and figure out where you can contribute all at the same time!

Please RSVP on one of our invites if you’ll be joining us:

Westercon 66 at BayCon!

Agents and agent-candidates are instructed to rendezvous in the ordinary hotel room 336 beginning at 8:00 PM Sunday, May 27.

Snacks and Libations will be provided, courtesy of our ordinary bartender Thinbot (ID required for adult beverages)

ETA: This was the announcement for our event at BayCon in 2012. We’ll post a new announcement once we know the room number for the 2013 event.

Westercon 66 Announces Guests of Honor

Westercon 66 is pleased to introduce its Guests of Honor:


This powerhouse duo of writers makes their home in Seattle. Nicola is a multi-award-winning novelist and editor of several anthologies. Kelley is the author of a New York Times Notable novel and prize-winning short fiction, and chairs the Clarion West Writers Workshop board. Together, Nicola and Kelley run Sterling Editing, providing coaching and editing for writers of all experience levels, categories, and genres.


Eric and David hail from San Diego, and are devotees of all things Oz. Their shared fandom has developed into a comfortable professional life.

Eric is the creator of several Oz-based comic books, the author of Oz novels and the writer for the Marvel graphic novelizations of Baum’s Oz books. He’s also the creator of the Eisner Award winning Age of Bronze, a painstakingly researched graphic novel of the Trojan War.

David runs Hungry Tiger Press, a small publisher specializing in Oz-related publications. Not satisfied with just publishing books and graphic novels, Hungry Tiger also publishes music, including the Grammy Nominated Vintage Recordings from the 1903 Broadway Musical The Wizard of Oz.


Radio Free Skaro is possibly the most popular, most prolific and charmingly irreverent (but never irrelevant) Doctor Who podcast around. Since August 2006, hosts Warren (in Vancouver, BC) and Steven (in Edmonton, AB) have provided listeners with their brand of amusing Doctor Who praise and punishment. A year later, Chris (also in Edmonton, AB) was added to the team, and The Three Who Rule were born. Recommended by Doctor Who Magazine and voted most popular Doctor Who podcast by members of Gallifrey Base, Radio Free Skaro provides an entertaining and diverting listen for the diehard or casual Doctor Who fan.

Warren, Steven and Chris are regulars on the Doctor Who fan circuit, both online and in person at conventions like Gallifrey One and Chicago Tardis.

For more information about Westercon 66 Guests, please visit

Special Report: Agent Cells Located!

International Intelligence – Sacramento Control Special Report:

Three Special Agent cells have been located! The agents in these cells will aid in our  mission to locate Agent 66.

Dossiers for all Special Agents in these three cells will be released shortly. Be on the look out!

Hotel Announcement!

(blare of interstellar trumpets)

Westercon 66 is pleased as punch to announce that we have our hotel!

We will inhabit time and space July 4th-7th, 2013, in the Hilton Arden West, located only minutes from the state capitol and Old Town. Early arrivals will have fireworks aplenty to ooh and aaaah at! The ginormous Arden Fair Mall awaits your shopping pleasure equally nearby, in case you need a final touch for your hall costume, or just want to check out the enormity of it.

Room pricing is a simple $109/room/night, regardless of size. Parking is complimentary. The hotel is non-smoking, and offers wi-fi, as well as all of the function space we need!

Of course, we’re still over a year out, so the rooms aren’t available yet for reservation, but now you know where you’re going to hang your hat, or helmet.

Start making your plans to get to Westercon 66 – it’s gonna be awesome!


Yep, it’s con time again! This weekend Westercon 66 will be at the long-running and infamously fun Gallifrey One!

Look for our fan table – you can register if you haven’t all ready! And, of course!, we will be having a party. Stay tuned for details.

Westercon 66 will be at Further Confusion

We won’t have a fan table, but we will be hosting a party Thursday night. Since the theme for Further Confusion is The Infurmary, we invite you to join us for The Mysterious Room Party of Doctor Moreau.

Further Confusion is being held at the San Jose Convention Center January 12-16, with the attached Hilton and Marriott hotels as host hotels.

The party will be at the Marriott in Room 403; we expect to open the doors at 9pm and shall tweet the room number and opening announcement as soon as we’re ready to go. If you are attending FC, be sure to check out our operation!

Online Registration is now open!

Memberships went on sale this weekend at Renovation, the 69th World Science Fiction Convention. Current rates are $50 Attending, $30 Supporting. Visit the Membership page for more details, or go directly to the secure online registration forms to get your membership to Westercon 66!
The Early-Bird rate of $50 will go up to $65 on December 1, 2011!
Oops — we discovered the reg server was running on Mountain Time. Early-Bird has been extended through December 1.

The price to upgrade from Voting to full Attending is $25 and does not change on Dec. 1. If you voted, drop a note to to get your voter’s authorization code.