Program Schedule is now online!

Q Branch has delivered!

Thanks to Eemeli Aro of FinnCon and the Helsinki WorldCon bid (plus hard work by our Program team members Christine Doyle and Stephen Nelson), the Westercon 66 complete program schedule is now online in an interactive application.

The app is designed to be mobile friendly, and caches the data on your device so it will continue to work after downloading even if you are in an area with poor reception.

The schedule can be accessed via our websites menu system, or directly via

If you prefer the schedule in PDF format, you may download the latest draft of the pocket program fromĀ

4 Responses to Program Schedule is now online!

  1. Christine Doyle

    Folks –
    The Q Branch is working on an update to the schedule program. You should plan to update any time after Monday.

    We will post instructions once it’s all ready to go.

    – C

  2. Kenneth Nahigian

    Some of us are Luddites. It would be great if you could post the W66 schedule as a .pdf file that we could download and print. Thanks.

  3. POCKET Program 28 pages… heh.