Westercon 66 will have an extensive multi-track program of discussion panels, lectures and hands-on activities.

In addition, there will be a number of larger-scale events, including a Meet the Guests reception and a Masquerade.

We will have an Art Show exhibiting (and offering for sale) works by artists both national and local, as well as other displays in our exhibit space.

A Dealers Room offering an intergalactic assortment of books, music, jewelry, costumes and other items selected to intrigue the savvy shopper.

Finally, we are proud to present the Westercon 66 Speculative Fiction Writers Workshop, which will be running through the course of the convention.

Each evening will feature its own theme:

  • Thursday Evening: Meet the Guests/Opening Ceremony
    View Cal-Expo Fireworks from the Lawn!
  • Friday: Music Night!
    We’ll have a series of small musical events all day, culminating in a concert in the evening.
  • Saturday: Masquerade
    A grand tradition of Westercon and Worldcon, the Saturday night Masquerade competition showcases the costume talents of our members on stage.

We also expect that every night will feature assorted hospitality events hosted by future Westercons, other conventions, and fans and groups who want to add to our nightlife.

Please watch this section of the website for more details about all the program and events at Westercon 65!

New: if you want to suggest a program item, we now have an active online form to make it easier both for you to do so, and for us to track them!

9 Responses to Program/Events

  1. I am not yet a member, I have to wait until my next paycheck, but I have a question on the masquerade. How and when do we sign up to take part in the masquerade and what are the requirements?

    • I expect we’ll have rules from our masquerade directors real soon now; they will be based on the International Costumer’s Guild Guidelines for Fairness in Competition.

      I also believe they are planning ways to both register in advance and to sign up once you get to Westercon.

  2. Will there be filking? If so, do you know when that would be? Any way to find out more about how to participate in the musical events? Thanks!

  3. What is the Fiction Writers Workshop? Is that where the authors read us their books?

  4. Thanks so much for the information. I am very interested in listening to the writers excerpts from their books. How would I find out if and when this type of event happens?

  5. So, what time does the con actually start?

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