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Membership goes up to the at-the-door price of $75 on July 1!

Online registration is now open at !

Westercon operates on a membership model — everyone who attends is a member of the convention, and by our collective efforts and interaction we create the experience that is Westercon. (As opposed to a ticketed event, where there is often more of a “we paid our money, now entertain us” expectation from attendees).

Westercon has two basic types of memberships:

  • Supporting memberships, for members who won’t/can’t attend the weekend itself, but would like to stay informed, receive the convention publications, and be entitled to vote at the members’ rate in the site selection process for Westercon 68 in 2015 .
  • Attending memberships, for members who want all of the above and plan to attend the weekend as well; it includes admission to all of the regular events, exhibits and activities during the convention. Supporting memberships can be upgraded to attending memberships by paying the difference in membership fees at the time of upgrade (even at the door).

Other memberships
We offer free admission to Kids-In-Tow (children under 7, with an accompanying adult), and reduced rate for Youth memberships (ages 7-12).

Single Day Memberships

  • Thursday: $25
  • Friday: $30
  • Saturday: $30
  • Sunday: $25

Single-day memberships  will be good for one day and associated evening. For instance, a membership bought Friday morning would be good for Friday day and evening. One bought after 4 PM on Friday would be good for Friday evening plus Saturday. The availability of single-day memberships depends on the number of full weekend attendees vs the capacity of our venue.
Single Day memberships will be available in the online system beginning July 1.

Registration Hours

Agents may check in at headquarters during the following hours:

Main Registration

Shasta room

Wednesday: 1900-2100 hours

Thursday: 1000-1800 hours

Friday: 900-1800 hours

Saturday: 900-1800 hours

Sunday: 900-1200 hours

Mini Registration – pre-reg & day only

Main lobby Friday and  Saturday evening.




Program Schedule is now online!

Q Branch has delivered!

Thanks to Eemeli Aro of FinnCon and the Helsinki WorldCon bid (plus hard work by our Program team members Christine Doyle and Stephen Nelson), the Westercon 66 complete program schedule is now online in an interactive application.

The app is designed to be mobile friendly, and caches the data on your device so it will continue to work after downloading even if you are in an area with poor reception.

The schedule can be accessed via our websites menu system, or directly via

If you prefer the schedule in PDF format, you may download the latest draft of the pocket program from

Online Registration is now open!

Memberships went on sale this weekend at Renovation, the 69th World Science Fiction Convention. Current rates are $50 Attending, $30 Supporting. Visit the Membership page for more details, or go directly to the secure online registration forms to get your membership to Westercon 66!
The Early-Bird rate of $50 will go up to $65 on December 1, 2011!
Oops — we discovered the reg server was running on Mountain Time. Early-Bird has been extended through December 1.

The price to upgrade from Voting to full Attending is $25 and does not change on Dec. 1. If you voted, drop a note to to get your voter’s authorization code.

Westercon 66 is using for secure online membership registration. 

  • The rate for Supporting memberships is $30 (US)*
  • Attending memberships are currently $65.  THIS GOES UP TO THE AT-THE-DOOR RATE OF $75 on JULY 1!
  • Memberships at the door will cost $75.
  • Kid-In-Tow memberships (under 7 as of July 4, 2013) are free of charge, when accompanied by a paying adult.
  • Youth memberships (ages 7-12, as of July 4, 2013) are $30, when accompanied by a paying adult.

Advance online registration is now closed.

Register online at

Everyone who paid the voting fee and participated in Site Selection for Westercon 66 has a supporting membership in Westercon 66. Contact to get your authorization code to upgrade your voting membership to attending. The fee to upgrade to attending is currently $25.

*We had originally expected to set the supporting membership rate at $25 (the same as the voting fee), but our budget required it be slightly higher. 

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