SPECIAL NOTICE – Volunteer Vacancies!

It’s not too late to volunteer for WesterCon 66!

If you’re interested (and there’s no better way to make friends or to learn about how a con works!), contact volunteers@westercon66.org.

50 Responses to SPECIAL NOTICE – Volunteer Vacancies!

  1. Ann Marie Boune

    We would love to volunteer! Myself, my husband, and our 17-year old daughter. Just let us know what we have to do!

  2. Hi:

    Would like to work at Registration. Will be there on Thursday.
    Am rather limited on walking so that would be the best place
    for me to sit and be useful. First con I have been to in years.

    Cheers, Doña

  3. Hi,

    I would like to know more about volunteering. How many hours and what is needed.



    • Hi, Carrie.

      My apologies for the delay in response. We would love more volunteers and did not mean to leave you in the dark!

      Volunteers can work as little or as much as they work, whatever time they have available. Volunteers qualify for a $5 discount when registering online. Look for the discount / staff registration.

      We will be onsite Wednesday through Sunday, and welcome whatever help you can give.

      Could I have your email address so I can contact you directly or have department heads in need of help reach out to see if you can help?


      Diane Osborne

  4. Howard Davidson

    I’d like to volunteer to be a program participant. I can’t find a direct link to programming on the website.

    I’ve done programming at Baycon, Worldcon, Orycon, and Westercons for ~30 years now. Training in physics, electronics, computers, I read lot of SF, and have done fake and real science editing for Hugo winning authors.

  5. gus scholtz


  6. No one has contacted either myself or Carrie, who by the way is not listed unless the “Carrie” with no last name is her, about our volunteering at the Con Suite/Hospitality which we had signed up for at the very beginning. If you have enough volunteers, then please let us know. Thank you. Janis Moore, Attending Member!

  7. Sandi Hutchinson

    I volunteered along with my partner Tammy Watson last year when you put out one of the first calls for volunteers. Neither one of us ever heard back from anyone in all this time. Now it’s five days out. If you have enough volunteers or feel you want to turn someone down, a simple “no thanks” will do, but don’t leave someone just hanging please.

  8. Lance Moore

    It sounds like, unfortunately, your contact got lost. Please write volunteers@westercon66.org to ask about volunteer shifts. Thank you for participating!


  9. well i was not getting no answer of if any one there is selling star trek items. and i was going to help but i am not geting no one to answer my question. i have desided of not going.

  10. Sandi Hutchinson

    Thanks, but no thanks. Too impersonal for me.