Westercon 66 Merchandise

All these products are available via our Zazzle store, and feature either our AWESOME convention masthead, or the amazing Secret Agents in Oz artwork that Eric Shanower created for us.

If you’d like to see any items added to the store, drop a note to webmaster@westercon66.org .

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4 Responses to Westercon 66 Merchandise

  1. Will this merchandise be on sale at the convention as well?

    • Perhaps. It depends entirely on cash flow, and whether we have any surplus we can risk on inventory in time to get it for the weekend. (We have to make sure the “lights stay on” before we can invest in merchandise that may or may not sell.)
      The best way to make sure we have some on hand is to get everyone you know to register in advance!
      Or — just order yours now directly!

  2. Does Zazzle do water bottle imprints?
    Coffee cups I like for work, but a water bottle I could use at work and at the con itself.

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