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Registration Hours

Agents may check in at headquarters during the following hours:

Main Registration

Shasta room

Wednesday: 1900-2100 hours

Thursday: 1000-1800 hours

Friday: 900-1800 hours

Saturday: 900-1800 hours

Sunday: 900-1200 hours

Mini Registration – pre-reg & day only

Main lobby Friday and  Saturday evening.




Local Guide now available online!

WC66 International IntelligenceWe’ll have some printed copies of this at the information desk, but you can download a copy for yourself now!



Local Food and Fun Guide

Important Travel Advisory: Arden Way exit closed July 4 evening!

fireworks12Note correction: the hours of closure are actually 9pm-11:30! 

Important traffic update: the Arden Way exit off 80B/160 will be closed from 9:00pm  to 11:30pm on Thursday the 4th due to the fireworks at Cal Expo.

If you are arriving at the hotel in that window, you’ll need a different route!

Final updated info for our dealers

Our dealers room heads have this final updated set of info to share with you. Final updated info for dealers

More Music on Friday!

We’ve signed the Sneaky Tikis to open for the Phenomenauts on Friday night!

The Sneaky Tikis are a young northern California surf band whose influences are Dick Dale, The Ventures, The Pyronauts, Slacktone, and Jon and the Nightriders. They will play a set of instrumental surf music, including songs familiar to many SF fans.

The concert begins at 8PM in the Atrium and is open only to Westercon 66 members.

At 9pm, our headline act The Phenomenauts go on, and you’re not going to want to miss their first ever SF convention appearance!

Later that night (after the live show, about 10:30), DJ Neshamah will be spinning to keep you dancing.

Visit our Music Program page for more information

Program Schedule is now online!

Q Branch has delivered!

Thanks to Eemeli Aro of FinnCon and the Helsinki WorldCon bid (plus hard work by our Program team members Christine Doyle and Stephen Nelson), the Westercon 66 complete program schedule is now online in an interactive application.

The app is designed to be mobile friendly, and caches the data on your device so it will continue to work after downloading even if you are in an area with poor reception.

The schedule can be accessed via our websites menu system, or directly via

If you prefer the schedule in PDF format, you may download the latest draft of the pocket program from

Special Program Item: Classics of Science Fiction Discussion

exploreJohn Hertz will be leading a series of three discussions on classic works of science fiction: Moonraker by Ian Fleming on Thursday at 7:00PM, “Vintage Season”  by Henry Kuttner and Catherine Moore on Friday at 1:45PM, and To Live Forever by Jack Vance on Saturday at 10:00AM.

For more details, visit the discussion series page

We Oughta Be in Pictures!

In fact, we were… or at least Meredith was, representing us on Sacramento’s LiveWire TV broadcast!

You can watch the video of the entire thing below the cut; Meredith’s segment starts about 1/2 way in.

Progress Report 4 is Up – Our Final PR!

It’s the juicy just-before-con issue! Read about the Con Suite, the Masquerade, the Art Show, and more. Read Progress Report 4. — Be on the lookout for a secret message. –We are getting close to finding out who is Agent 66!

T-shirts and Coffee Cups, Oh My!

Eric Shanower's wonderful Secret Agents in Oz artwork

Eric Shanower’s wonderful Secret Agents in Oz artwork

Get in gear for Westercon 66! Check out our new Buy Stuff page to pick up your t-shirt, commuter mug, beer stein, etc., before the con!

We will have *very* limited (to none) goodie supplies at the convention itself, so make sure to get your t-shirt (featuring our Awesome banner or wonderful Secret Agents in Oz art by our Artist GOH Eric Shanower) now, so you can wear it with pride at Westercon 66 (and at every other con you get to!).

Special Costume Guests – the Trimbles!

They were there at the beginning of the Society for Creative Anachronism, and helped bring the arts to sf cons: John and Bjo Trimble are our just-added Special Costume Guests! We are really happy they’ll be with us in Sacramento.

Bjo introduced art shows to science fiction conventions, and put on some of the earliest costume shows, which evolved into today’s masquerades. She and John were key players in Star Trek fandom, helping keep the original series on the air when it was first under threat of cancellation. They have been active in fandom ever since.

Plus, they’re just nice folks! Be sure to say “welcome!”.

Check out our Sponsors page for the opportunity to support their attendance, and other worthy causes as well.

Writers Workshop deadline extended

The submission deadline for manuscripts for the Westercon 66 Speculative Fiction Writers Workshop has been extended to May 28, 2013. Visit the workshop page for more details.