Agent 66 Decoder Wheel

Every good agent needs to be able to exchange coded messages with other agents. Westercon 66 International Intelligence Sacramento Control is pleased to provide this advanced online technology version of the Official Ordinary Encryption Disc.

  • To encode a message, select the keys for the outer and inner wheels of the disc. Type the message to be coded in the Text to encode box, and click on Process Messages. Your coded message will appear below the box.
  • To decode a message, set the keys, then enter the message into the Text to decode box and click on Process Messages. Your decoded message will appear below the box.
    (Note: sometimes cutting and pasting from a web page adds/removes hidden characters. If the decoded message looks wrong, try typing the message into the box instead of pasting.)


Haven’t received your Official Ordinary Encryption Disc? Watch for dispatches announcing an International Intelligence: Sacramento Control meeting in an ordinary hotel room at a convention near you!