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The Westercon 66 committee may have started as a few people throwing a party at Westercon 64 in San Jose, but it’s growing rapidly. Here are some of the people involved:

  • Convention Chairs: Kevin Roche and Andrew Trembley
    • Chairs’ Staff: John O’Halloran
    • GOH Liaison: Dawn Plaskon
  • Treasurer: Lisa Deutsch Harrigan
  • Hotel/Facilities: Dave Gallaher,  Jennifer Wylie and Deborah Bretschneider
  • Communications/PR: Lance Moore, Denisen Hartlove
  • Program: Christine Doyle
  • Dealers Room: Dave Clark
  • Art Show: Elayne Pelz
  • Hospitality: Chris O’Halloran and  Pat Turner
  • Fanzine Lounge: Chris Garcia
  • Fan Tables: Ed Hooper
  • Masquerade: Phil and Kathe Gust
  • Music Program/Filk: Lynn Gold
  • Site Selection: Glenn Glazer
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Diane Osborne
  • Writers Workshop Coordinator: Adrienne Foster
  • Westercon Business Meeting:
    Chair: Kevin Standlee
    Secretary: Linda Deneroff
    Videographer: Lisa Hayes

These are just the positions we’ve named for sure as of today.

If you would like to join in and help make Westercon 66 awesome, drop us a line; we’d love to hear about it!

Westercon 66 is a project of San Francisco Science Fiction Conventions, Inc, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt charitable organization incorporated in the state of California. EIN 68-0247935

25 Responses to About Us

  1. Edward Hooper

    Fan Tables. I always volunteer for Fan Tables… .

    Let whomever is running Programming Ops know that I can help out with that.

  2. Just testing the form.

    Guess I’m currently a staff member without portfolio.

  3. Edward Hooper

    Please let me know when you plan your first walk through of the facility. I want to get an idea of the space for Fan Tables and if power is available.


  4. Need any help with Music Programming?


  5. Oh yeah…I’m also happy to help with the party-throwing. (Lisa Harrigan can vouch for my party-throwing skills….)

  6. Please change name to Pat Turner….. hardly anyone calls me Patricia except family and those who have known me more than 45 years…..

  7. Just putting in, as I mentioned at Westercon 64, to do Site Selection for you. As you know, Fairness is a paramount virtue for me and I have run larger Site Selections before (e.g., Montreal).

  8. I think you can put me down as Writers Workshop Coordinator.

  9. I would be happy to reprise my GoH liaison role at WFC 2009 and W64 for Westercon 66. If not that, then please advise where I can be of assistance

  10. I’ve been working on early outreach efforts to some local groups. So far response has been favorable, but I spent a lot of time explaining to the Trek group why we don’t comp memberships for volunteers. I’m looking for college groups to either visit or send an announcement to the prof/advisor. I might even hit the high schools.

    • Pat, Andy and I run conventions on what we refer to as the “Worldcon” model… (most) everyone pays something to attend, and then if the convention runs in the black we make refunds to volunteers and participants who invested their time to make it work.

      This ensures that the convention has the necessary cash flow to cover things like Tech rental, and it also means that every member actually has an investment in the convention.

      I have had experiences with events that comped volunteers up front and then had significant no-show problems once the “big deal” of the weekend was over. That has been less true with fan-run events like Westercon, but can still be a problem. The Pay-and-Refund model definitely helps with that kind of absenteeism.

      Once we have our venue and budget sorted, we can figure out what our staff membership discount might be.

  11. I’d like to be on staff. I already have my membership paid, did it right after Renovation. I live right behind Arden Fair Mall….sort of middle of County. Let me know what you need….I’m on Facebook.

  12. We would like to participate in the Dealer’s Room. We have a variety of jewelry that appeals to the enlightened (Steampunkers, SciFi and Fantasy Fans). We are located in Sacramento. Please let us know how to sign up as a dealer. Beth Sacco and I are already registered to attend the event.

  13. As a matter of simple curiosity, are there any Sacramentans involved in the organizing committee?

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