Site Selection and Bidding

One of the important tasks of a Westercon is to select the site of the convention two years following. This procedure must be done in accordance with the Westercon Bylaws. Westercon 66 will be conducting Site Selection for Westercon 68.

As of the deadline, there was one filed bid for Westercon 68, for San Diego, California.

Here are some key requirements for the process:

  • Sacramento is in the Central Zone  for site selection, which means that bids from the North, South and Other Site Selection Zones are eligible in Site Selection for Westercon 68. In the event that no eligible bid application is received by January 1, 2013, bids from anywhere in the Westercon region may be accepted.
  • Bid applications must be received and accepted by April 15, 2013 to appear on the official Site Selection Ballot.
  • A Westercon bid committee must provide written evidence of the following:
    • At least two (2) separate people declaring themselves Chairman and Treasurer;
    • an organizing instrument such as bylaws, articles of incorporation or association, or a partnership agreement;
    • and a letter of intent or option from a hotel or other facility declaring specific dates on which the Westercon shall be held;
    • and, for a sponsoring organization from within the United States of America, evidence that the sponsoring organization is a non-profit association or corporation within the applicable state law of the sponsoring organization.

(This is just a summary of the requirements from the bylaws. Please read them, and contact our Site Selection Coordinator for complete information)

  • Ballots will be mailed out by May 10, 2013, and mail-in ballots must be received by June 20, 2013 to be counted.
  • You may download a copy of the Site Selection Ballot to print and mail in for Site Selection. Follow the instructions carefully.
    (If you wish to vote but miss this deadline, you may have your ballot hand-carried by someone to deliver to the site selection voting location at the convention).
  • On-site Voting will take place on Thursday July 4 through Friday July 5, 2013. The schedule for voting is:
    Thursday:       1:00 pm to 5:00 pm PT
    Friday:           10:00 am to 7:00 pm PT
  • Ballot Count will take place on Friday, July 5 from 7:00pm PT to however long it takes, with announcement at the Business Meeting the following day.

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