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Need to update your entry? (link goes to RegOnline update page)

Are you listed as both Voting and Attending? That just means we have to update our voter list to match your RegOnline status. Drop a note to and we’ll fix it.

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  1. I’m listed twice, once as Voting & once as Attending. I think I goofed when I entered the info, or something……

    • Hi Pat — no, you did nothing wrong. The voter list is stored in a separate database, and we have to check off manually when people upgrade to attending on RegOnline. I just missed marking your record. Easily fixed, and I’ve done so. I’m replying to your comment so other voters know the score; all anyone need do is drop a note to and we can correct that particular problem.

  2. You can remove one of the listings for me. My middle initial isn’t necessary.

  3. is there any way at this time to change how some name is listed? My wife has Miss in front of it adn that is wrong.. Just asking but understand if it can’t be fixed at this time..can deal with at reg.. Speaking of.. Is our member ships paper work being mailed or emailed to us?

    • Hi George — done. For some reason that’s the way the form was filled out, but it was easily fixed.

      Everyone picks up their badges at registration when they arrive at the convention; that way no one can misplace or forget their paperwork before arriving.

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