Online Registration is now open!

Memberships went on sale this weekend at Renovation, the 69th World Science Fiction Convention. Current rates are $50 Attending, $30 Supporting. Visit the Membership page for more details, or go directly to the secure online registration forms to get your membership to Westercon 66!
The Early-Bird rate of $50 will go up to $65 on December 1, 2011!
Oops — we discovered the reg server was running on Mountain Time. Early-Bird has been extended through December 1.

The price to upgrade from Voting to full Attending is $25 and does not change on Dec. 1. If you voted, drop a note to to get your voter’s authorization code.

2 Responses to Online Registration is now open!

  1. John O'Halloran

    This article says $25 for supporting,
    The reg website says $30.

    Are youth/student and/or the rate schedule going to be posted as well?

  2. Thanks!

    Until we have our hotel contracts locked in, we are dealing with our best estimate for budgets, so, we aren’t expanding beyond the simple early bird rates.