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We Oughta Be in Pictures!

In fact, we were… or at least Meredith was, representing us on Sacramento’s LiveWire TV broadcast!

You can watch the video of the entire thing below the cut; Meredith’s segment starts about 1/2 way in.

Unwoman Performs on Friday!

unwomanCellist-singer-songwriter Unwoman will be gracing us with a teatime performance in the atrium/solarium space in the hotel. Unwoman’s songs, with their powerful lyrics and electronic beats under classic cello, will captivate you.

Unwoman is San Francisco based. With timeless songs about love gone wrong and classic covers, Unwoman has been a featured favorite at major steampunk, goth, and sci-fi-related events all over North America. In addition to solo work, Unwoman has performed with Amanda Palmer, Voltaire, Abney Park, Rasputina, and Vernian Process.

Visit her website to take a listen!

Look to the atrium/solarium for musical happenings throughout Friday!

Westercon 66’s intrepid co-chairs have made a few media appearances in the podcastverse:

JackalCast 010 (talking all about Westercon, naturally)
Nerdvana episodes 5a-5d (talking about Doctor Who, with Westercon news cleverly slipped in along the way):

Happy New Year — Westercon 66 coming to events near you…

Westercon 66 will be on hand at both Further Confusion  and Gallifrey One in the near future.
Further Confusion (“FurCon”) is January 17-21, 2013, at the San Jose Convention Center, San Jose Marriott, and San Jose Hilton, in (logically enough) San Jose California, while Gallifrey One is February 15-17, 2013, at the LAX Marriott in Los Angeles, California.

We’re also sending folks out to smaller events all over the Western Region.

FC2013 At FurCon, look for our Fan Table, and join us on Friday night for our infamous  This is an Ordinary Hotel Room* party!
You might even be able to join co-chair Kevin Roche for a spin in his fleet of flying saucers.


At Gallifrey, we are hosting a special pre-convention version of the Ordinary Hotel Room* party on THURSDAY evening in room 110.

Look for our representatives at the convention all weekend; several of the committee members are also helping host the “Torchwood 4 Cabal” A Room Party Called Mercy in the same room on Friday Night.

*These are NOT meetings of covert operators. Got that? No Secret Agents here. Nope.


November Appearances and Meeting

Westercon 66 will be on hand at both Convolution (Nov 2-4, 2012, Hyatt Regency SFO, Burlingame, California) and LosCon (Nov 23-25, LAX Marriott, Los Angeles, California).

At Convolution, look for our fan table and for signs pointing to our Saturday evening  This is an Ordinary Hotel Room* party!  In addition, Convolution has generously offered us space for an open committee meeting on Sunday November 4.


At Loscon, once again, look for our operatives behind the Westercon 66 banner at our fan table. There, however, you should seek out the Ordinary Hotel Room* party on FRIDAY evening.

*These are NOT meetings of covert operators. Got that? No Secret Agents here. Nope.


Westercon 66 at 70th Worldcon

Chicon is the 70th World Science Fiction Convention. All agents, the committed and the curious, are invited to attend a Westercon 66 “Ordinary Hotel Room” party in room 3352 at 8pm on Friday, August 31.

Our special agents can also be found in the fan table area, in case you need to register.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter – @Westercon66 – to get time/room updates!

Westercon 66 at BayCon!

Agents and agent-candidates are instructed to rendezvous in the ordinary hotel room 336 beginning at 8:00 PM Sunday, May 27.

Snacks and Libations will be provided, courtesy of our ordinary bartender Thinbot (ID required for adult beverages)

ETA: This was the announcement for our event at BayCon in 2012. We’ll post a new announcement once we know the room number for the 2013 event.


Yep, it’s con time again! This weekend Westercon 66 will be at the long-running and infamously fun Gallifrey One!

Look for our fan table – you can register if you haven’t all ready! And, of course!, we will be having a party. Stay tuned for details.

Westercon 66 will be at Further Confusion

We won’t have a fan table, but we will be hosting a party Thursday night. Since the theme for Further Confusion is The Infurmary, we invite you to join us for The Mysterious Room Party of Doctor Moreau.

Further Confusion is being held at the San Jose Convention Center January 12-16, with the attached Hilton and Marriott hotels as host hotels.

The party will be at the Marriott in Room 403; we expect to open the doors at 9pm and shall tweet the room number and opening announcement as soon as we’re ready to go. If you are attending FC, be sure to check out our operation!