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Registration Hours

Agents may check in at headquarters during the following hours:

Main Registration

Shasta room

Wednesday: 1900-2100 hours

Thursday: 1000-1800 hours

Friday: 900-1800 hours

Saturday: 900-1800 hours

Sunday: 900-1200 hours

Mini Registration – pre-reg & day only

Main lobby Friday and  Saturday evening.




Food, Fun, and Places of Fannish Interest


Progress Report 4 is Up – Our Final PR!

It’s the juicy just-before-con issue! Read about the Con Suite, the Masquerade, the Art Show, and more. Read Progress Report 4. — Be on the lookout for a secret message. –We are getting close to finding out who is Agent 66!

T-shirts and Coffee Cups, Oh My!

Eric Shanower's wonderful Secret Agents in Oz artwork

Eric Shanower’s wonderful Secret Agents in Oz artwork

Get in gear for Westercon 66! Check out our new Buy Stuff page to pick up your t-shirt, commuter mug, beer stein, etc., before the con!

We will have *very* limited (to none) goodie supplies at the convention itself, so make sure to get your t-shirt (featuring our Awesome banner or wonderful Secret Agents in Oz art by our Artist GOH Eric Shanower) now, so you can wear it with pride at Westercon 66 (and at every other con you get to!).

SPECIAL NOTICE – Volunteer Vacancies!

It’s not too late to volunteer for WesterCon 66!

If you’re interested (and there’s no better way to make friends or to learn about how a con works!), contact

Special Costume Guests – the Trimbles!

They were there at the beginning of the Society for Creative Anachronism, and helped bring the arts to sf cons: John and Bjo Trimble are our just-added Special Costume Guests! We are really happy they’ll be with us in Sacramento.

Bjo introduced art shows to science fiction conventions, and put on some of the earliest costume shows, which evolved into today’s masquerades. She and John were key players in Star Trek fandom, helping keep the original series on the air when it was first under threat of cancellation. They have been active in fandom ever since.

Plus, they’re just nice folks! Be sure to say “welcome!”.

Check out our Sponsors page for the opportunity to support their attendance, and other worthy causes as well.

Unwoman Performs on Friday!

unwomanCellist-singer-songwriter Unwoman will be gracing us with a teatime performance in the atrium/solarium space in the hotel. Unwoman’s songs, with their powerful lyrics and electronic beats under classic cello, will captivate you.

Unwoman is San Francisco based. With timeless songs about love gone wrong and classic covers, Unwoman has been a featured favorite at major steampunk, goth, and sci-fi-related events all over North America. In addition to solo work, Unwoman has performed with Amanda Palmer, Voltaire, Abney Park, Rasputina, and Vernian Process.

Visit her website to take a listen!

Look to the atrium/solarium for musical happenings throughout Friday!

The Phenomenauts Headline Friday Night!

Grab your rockabilly space boots and punk devotion to Science and Honor, and get ready for the rocket roll ride on Friday night!  The day’s mini-theme of music is topped off Pheomenauts Logowith a performance by the San Francisco Bay Area phenomenon, the Phenomenauts!

The Phenomenauts are loved for their theatrical shows and their fannish rock of every vibe – pop, punk, new wave, futuristic rock and roll… You will have a great time at this show at the science fiction event of the 2013 summer season, Westercon 66!

To get ready for the show, visit the band’s website to shop (comics, CDs, digital) and have a listen to their tunes.




RIP Eileen Tuurri, 1959-2013

Long an avid reader, Eileen Tuuri started in fandom with Star Wars, and with the Santa Barbara Science Fiction Alliance in the 1980’s. She was always enthusiastic, and one of the most productive people I have ever known, creating costumes, knitwear, dollhouse furniture and so much more, which the rest of the gang could only be in awe of. Professionally, Eileen worked in marketing, with employers ranging from Dolby to Habitat for Humanity. She was also very involved with online political communities. Eileen helped me transition to technical writing, joining her in a silicon valley company. She was a good friend.

Eileen Tuuri
Eileen Tuuri

Eileen recently returned to fandom, in Arizona. She had moved back there from Canada, staying with her sister Celia for some months before getting her own place. Eileen quickly got involved in a local Arizona convention, and wanted to do more.

When I needed a new progress report editor, I thought of Eileen; I knew from personal experience she was a fine writer and knew layout, and of course it would be fun to work with her. She jumped right in and got a splendid issue out in timely fashion.

Her accidental untimely demise on April 30th has come as quite a shock.

Eileen, thank you for everything you shared. You will be missed.

written by Lance Moore, Marcom & Publications

Press Release: Westercon 66 Site Selection Ballot Now Available

PO Box 61363, Sunnyvale CA 94088-1363 USA;
For immediate release: Thursday, 25 APR 2013


The deadline for bids to be listed on the Westercon site selection ballot has passed. San Diego in 2015 will be the only bid listed on this year’s ballot.

info this way!

DMs needed!

Want to run a game at Westercon 66? Talk to us about it at!

Pass the Toast!

David_Gerrold_startrekWe are super pleased to announce that David Gerrold, Hugo and Nebula award winning writer (and author of the beloved Star Trek – The Original Series Tribbles episodes), will be our Toastmaster!

David is funny and personable and will know how to stretch keep the audience eager for the next event. You can visit his blog here, and see him live in July at Westercon 66! Check out the Guests of Honor page for more information.