Hotel Announcement!

(blare of interstellar trumpets)

Westercon 66 is pleased as punch to announce that we have our hotel!

We will inhabit time and space July 4th-7th, 2013, in the Hilton Arden West, located only minutes from the state capitol and Old Town. Early arrivals will have fireworks aplenty to ooh and aaaah at! The ginormous Arden Fair Mall awaits your shopping pleasure equally nearby, in case you need a final touch for your hall costume, or just want to check out the enormity of it.

Room pricing is a simple $109/room/night, regardless of size. Parking is complimentary. The hotel is non-smoking, and offers wi-fi, as well as all of the function space we need!

Of course, we’re still over a year out, so the rooms aren’t available yet for reservation, but now you know where you’re going to hang your hat, or helmet.

Start making your plans to get to Westercon 66 – it’s gonna be awesome!

11 Responses to Hotel Announcement!

  1. We’re very pleased that it is a Hilton property!

  2. I checked out their website and the hotel looks great!

  3. Alright, glad to hear there is a place to hang out now, usually there is some communications coming from some where about what’s planned, but this is the first I’ve heard of anything.

  4. Boffo! Some ofmy best con memories have happened at that hotel.

  5. Sacramento fans of a certain age (like me) will remember this hotel as the site of the last few Eclecticons. The space has some real advantages for groups our size, including a good central social mixing area.

  6. David-Glenn Anderson

    Great job, Andy and Kevin. July in Seattle. David – Glenn

  7. Janis — because of the unusual circumstances under which we acquired the responsibility of organizing Westercon 66, we didn’t start out with a venue in hand. Now that we have one and have confirmed dates, we can move forward with the rest of the hard (but fun) work.

  8. Stephanie Metz

    It’s now less than a year away. How do we go about booking a room?

  9. Is there a link available for room reservations?