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Get yer Progress Report #3!

Due to the efforts of some of our best agents, information continues to flow. Make sure to read Progress Report #3 while the news is hot!

Progress Report #2 Is Up!

Who Is Agent 66? Word BalloonOur agents have been busy gathering data – inspect the latest report!

Westercon 66 at 70th Worldcon

Chicon is the 70th World Science Fiction Convention. All agents, the committed and the curious, are invited to attend a Westercon 66 “Ordinary Hotel Room” party in room 3352 at 8pm on Friday, August 31.

Our special agents can also be found in the fan table area, in case you need to register.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter – @Westercon66 – to get time/room updates!

Attention Dealers!

The Dealers Room is now open for applications! Thanks for waiting. Check out the At the Con/Dealers Room page for details.

Agent 66 is sure to be eager to get the latest gear!

Open Meeting Invite

Already a staff member or thinking about joining us in the concom (convention committee) ? Want to find out more about what we’re planning or how you might help? Then please attend our first open committee meeting.

We’ll be meeting in our hotel, the Hilton Arden West, on Sunday, July 29th at 11 AM. Which means you can check out the hotel, get the lay of the land, and figure out where you can contribute all at the same time!

Please RSVP on one of our invites if you’ll be joining us:

Progress Report #1 is Up!

Eager to put your hands on the evidence? Then hop to our new Publications page, and download your copy of our first Progress Report! Perhaps you will find your name in our list of registered agents – if not, you’ll find a registration form!

We are one year out from Westercon 66! Right now we celebrate Westercon 65’s Conclusion, and look forward to tracking down Agent 66 next year in Sacramento!

If you’re at Westercon 65, make sure to track down our special agents in the London and Ordinary Room parties!

Special Report: Agent Cells Located!

International Intelligence – Sacramento Control Special Report:

Three Special Agent cells have been located! The agents in these cells will aid in our  mission to locate Agent 66.

Dossiers for all Special Agents in these three cells will be released shortly. Be on the look out!

Mission Briefing: Eyes Only

International Intelligence’s Sacramento Control (Westercon) was hacked.

The intrusion was detected and repelled, but not before important personnel and mission records were destroyed.

Our biggest loss? Agent 66.

Agent 66 was sent out into the field in July of 2011, with instructions not to check back in until July 7, 2013. Our best deep-cover agent, Agent 66 could be anyone. Without the missing records, we have no way to initiate contact.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find Agent 66. Agent 66 must return to Westercon at the Hilton Arden West in Sacramento, on July 4, 2013.

Find the answer to the most important question there is: Who is Agent 66?

Hotel Announcement!

(blare of interstellar trumpets)

Westercon 66 is pleased as punch to announce that we have our hotel!

We will inhabit time and space July 4th-7th, 2013, in the Hilton Arden West, located only minutes from the state capitol and Old Town. Early arrivals will have fireworks aplenty to ooh and aaaah at! The ginormous Arden Fair Mall awaits your shopping pleasure equally nearby, in case you need a final touch for your hall costume, or just want to check out the enormity of it.

Room pricing is a simple $109/room/night, regardless of size. Parking is complimentary. The hotel is non-smoking, and offers wi-fi, as well as all of the function space we need!

Of course, we’re still over a year out, so the rooms aren’t available yet for reservation, but now you know where you’re going to hang your hat, or helmet.

Start making your plans to get to Westercon 66 – it’s gonna be awesome!


Yep, it’s con time again! This weekend Westercon 66 will be at the long-running and infamously fun Gallifrey One!

Look for our fan table – you can register if you haven’t all ready! And, of course!, we will be having a party. Stay tuned for details.

Got suggestions?

The Facebook group and page are certainly abuzz with ideas and suggestions.

If that isn’t your cup of tea (or if you’d like to suggest something we might like to keep close to our chest for a while, like, for instance, a potential Guest of Honor), please do drop us a line at