RIP Eileen Tuurri, 1959-2013

Long an avid reader, Eileen Tuuri started in fandom with Star Wars, and with the Santa Barbara Science Fiction Alliance in the 1980’s. She was always enthusiastic, and one of the most productive people I have ever known, creating costumes, knitwear, dollhouse furniture and so much more, which the rest of the gang could only be in awe of. Professionally, Eileen worked in marketing, with employers ranging from Dolby to Habitat for Humanity. She was also very involved with online political communities. Eileen helped me transition to technical writing, joining her in a silicon valley company. She was a good friend.

Eileen Tuuri
Eileen Tuuri

Eileen recently returned to fandom, in Arizona. She had moved back there from Canada, staying with her sister Celia for some months before getting her own place. Eileen quickly got involved in a local Arizona convention, and wanted to do more.

When I needed a new progress report editor, I thought of Eileen; I knew from personal experience she was a fine writer and knew layout, and of course it would be fun to work with her. She jumped right in and got a splendid issue out in timely fashion.

Her accidental untimely demise on April 30th has come as quite a shock.

Eileen, thank you for everything you shared. You will be missed.

written by Lance Moore, Marcom & Publications

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