November Appearances and Meeting

Westercon 66 will be on hand at both Convolution (Nov 2-4, 2012, Hyatt Regency SFO, Burlingame, California) and LosCon (Nov 23-25, LAX Marriott, Los Angeles, California).

At Convolution, look for our fan table and for signs pointing to our Saturday evening  This is an Ordinary Hotel Room* party!  In addition, Convolution has generously offered us space for an open committee meeting on Sunday November 4.


At Loscon, once again, look for our operatives behind the Westercon 66 banner at our fan table. There, however, you should seek out the Ordinary Hotel Room* party on FRIDAY evening.

*These are NOT meetings of covert operators. Got that? No Secret Agents here. Nope.


2 Responses to November Appearances and Meeting

  1. i like to know who is comeing to the dealers room? for your convention ?

    • Hi Kenny —

      We’re actually going back in to make sure we have the measurements and layout right for the dealers room before we announce the list. It’s important we meet fire and ADA codes, and our dealers room heads are triple-checking.