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This is the official mobile guide to Westercon66.

The program and participant databases were last updated on July 4, 2013.


It's a web page that works like a mobile app, so your browser should cache all of it and make it work when you're offline as well. Please give us feedback.

To start using the guide, click on one of the above tabs. (If they're gray and don't react, the page is still loading data.)

The guide seems to work on most smart phones. On older Androids, the program items won't be listed all at once so as not to slow down performance. Also some of the nice-to-have things are disabled. It works on Windows phones as well, though the "Next" view may be buggy.


This was first put together by Eemeli Aro for Chicon7, as he couldn't get the official app to work well enough on the phone he had with him at Chicon. Also, because it was something New and Shiny.

Although there is no formal support team (it's just Eemeli and anyone else he ropes in to help), he'd still appreciate being informed about things breaking, even if only in order to fix them later.

He has released this work under the ISC license, so if you want to use it for your con or some other purpose, you can.


What's at work here is the magic of the HTML5 cache manifest. In other words, magic. In order to make said magic work, about 1MB of your phone memory is being used (probably without your phone telling you anything about it). To clear that cache, you'll need to look at your browser settings, then something like Advanced > Website settings > > Clear stored data (depends on your browser, OS, etc.)


You can reach Eemeli at He's currently being paid to work on his dissertation on an autonomous group of underwater robots by Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland, but seems to end up doing quite a few other things as well. Like chair a bid for a Wårldcon!

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