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Get yer Progress Report #3!

Due to the efforts of some of our best agents, information continues to flow. Make sure to read Progress Report #3 while the news is hot!

Progress Report #2 Is Up!

Who Is Agent 66? Word BalloonOur agents have been busy gathering data – inspect the latest report!

Progress Report #1 is Up!

Eager to put your hands on the evidence? Then hop to our new Publications page, and download your copy of our first Progress Report! Perhaps you will find your name in our list of registered agents – if not, you’ll find a registration form!

We are one year out from Westercon 66! Right now we celebrate Westercon 65’s Conclusion, and look forward to tracking down Agent 66 next year in Sacramento!

If you’re at Westercon 65, make sure to track down our special agents in the London and Ordinary Room parties!