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The Current State of Affairs

Westercon 66 is still investigating possible venues, but we’ve established a basic budget so we could open membership sales at special early-bird rates at Renovation, the 69th Annual World Science Fiction Convention. Our recent adoption as a Standing Committee of San Francisco Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. gave us the corporate standing we needed to do so. Visit the Membership page for more information about registering online.

We’ve visited several locations in the Sacramento area, within reach of California Olive Country (the inspiration for the “Granzella’s in 2013” Party we hosted at Westercon 64, which led to our participation in and eventual selection by the Westercon 64 business meeting), and are waiting for their responses so we may select one and sign a hotel contract.

We encourage you to participate in the discussions on the Westercon 66 Facebook Page, which is replacing the original Zellacon Facebook Group.

We believe Westercon Should Be Awesome, and we want to know what you’d like to see (or do) to make it so!

Kevin Roche and Andy Trembley
Co-Chairs, Westercon 66