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Welcome to Intelligence Central for Westercon 66, the 2013 edition of the longest-running general science fiction convention in western North America!

  • Westercon 66 begins:
    3329 days ago

  • We’ll be convening July 4-7, 2013, at the Hilton Arden West in Sacramento, California.

    Guests of Honor
    Writers: Nicola Griffith and Kelley Eskridge,
    Artist: Eric Shanower
    Fans: “The Three Who Rule” (Warren Frey, Steven Schapansky, Chris Burgess)
    Small Press Special Guest: David Maxine
    Toastmaster: David Gerrold
    Special Costume Guests: John and Bjo Trimble

    A different show every night:
    Thursday: View Fireworks courtesy of nearby Cal Expo!
    Friday: Music Day, featuring appearances by Cliff Winnig, UnWoman, and a concert/dance by The Phenomenauts!
    Saturday: The traditional Westercon Masquerade

    What’s a General Science Fiction Convention? A gathering of science fiction and fantasy fans of all genre and media, put on by fans for fans. We think Westercon should be awesome! And with you there, sharing your love of books, tv/movies/anime, costuming/cosplay, gaming, furry… whatever your love is — it will be!

    Latest News

    Special Program Item: Classics of Science Fiction Discussion

    John Hertz will be leading a series of three discussions on classic works of science fiction: Moonraker by Ian Fleming on Thursday at 7:00PM, “Vintage Season”  by Henry Kuttner and Catherine Moore on Friday at 1:45PM, and To Live Forever by Jack Vance...Read More »

    We Oughta Be in Pictures!

    In fact, we were… or at least Meredith was, representing us on Sacramento’s LiveWire TV broadcast!

    You can watch the video of the entire thing below the cut; Meredith’s segment starts about 1/2 way in.

    ...Read More »

    Progress Report 4 is Up - Our Final PR!

    It’s the juicy just-before-con issue! Read about the Con Suite, the Masquerade, the Art Show, and more. Read Progress Report 4. — Be on the lookout for a secret message. –We are getting close to finding out who is Agent 66!

    ...Read More »

    T-shirts and Coffee Cups, Oh My!

    Eric Shanower's wonderful Secret Agents in Oz artwork

    Eric Shanower’s wonderful Secret Agents in Oz artwork

    Get in gear for Westercon 66! Check out our new Buy Stuff page to pick up...Read More »

    SPECIAL NOTICE - Volunteer Vacancies!

    It’s not too late to volunteer for WesterCon 66!

    If you’re interested (and there’s no better way to make friends or to learn about how a con works!), contact volunteers@westercon66.org.

    ...Read More »

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