We have our hotel!

It’s the Hilton Arden West, located only minutes from the state capitol and Old Town. Early arrivals will have fireworks aplenty to ooh and aaaah at! The ginormous Arden Fair Mall awaits your shopping pleasure equally nearby, in case you need a final touch for your hall costume, or just want to check out the enormity of it.

Room pricing is a simple $109/room/night, regardless of size. Parking is complimentary. The hotel is non-smoking, and offers wi-fi, as well as all of the function space we need!

We will make an announcement as soon as the hotel block is open for reservation.


We’re looking, we’re looking!

At this time our Hotel and Facilities team is exploring a number of properties in Sacramento, with an eye to both adequate available rooms and function space, and accessibility to nearby local dining and tourist opportunities.
We’ve already found several promising properties.

And yes, we know it’s hot in Sacramento in the middle of July, so we are keeping that in mind during our search, as well!

We’ll post more as soon as we know more

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