Help Wanted at the Art Show

Are you arriving early to Westercon 66 or staying late?

Elayne Pelz says: The Art Show needs help setting up and tearing down the panels.  Starting at 4:00 pm on July 3 until done and then again at 4:00 pm July 7 until done.
The more the merrier!  Contact me at

42 Responses to Help Wanted at the Art Show

  1. Is it too late to participate as a vender or in art show. If i can make it i would be more than happy and volunteer to help set up the panels. I participate in about 30 conventions a year and always help with the set up. I woul also like to know what your average attendence is? Thanks!
    best regards
    Rick Mittelstedt

  2. elayne pelz

    Art show is taking reservations – download the forms and mail in the fees.
    We can always use the help!

  3. gus scholtz

    can do