Program Suggestion form is live!

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Our new program suggestion form (integrated into our growing program database) is now live and available for your input!

4 Responses to Program Suggestion form is live!

  1. Christine Doyle

    Makeup for Costumers (a request from Cin, but she doesn’t want to be on it)

  2. Jillian Stanley

    I was at the planning meeting April 14th, hoping to find out how members of the Sacramento Harry Potter Club could participate in Westercon. Since the programming chairs were not there, I didn’t get much information, except that clubs can have a table. I have been looking around the website and also on the Facebook page and getting rather frustrated by the lack of information, both as a would-be participant and as an attendee. The event is only two months away, which does not leave us much time to plan. Anyone reading this who can offer help?
    J. Stanley (aka “Zazie Flamel”)

    • Hi Jillian —

      Have you emailed Chris Doyle is trying to be responsive to all the groups contacting us, and we definitely want to have Sacramento fan groups active at Westercon 66.

      It’s also important to *join* the convention! Our program participants all come from the membership, and everyone except the GOHs and Special Guests are paid members. Even Andy and I (the chairs) paid for our memberships! During the registration process, you can indicate your desire to be part of programming.

  3. Jamie Hanrahan

    Please have a swing dance, and a beginning lesson before, as was done at Renovation and at Balticon this year. (At Balticon it was a last thing on the last day, and that was fine.) But please do NOT have them try to turn the actual “swing dance” into a bunch of line dances as was attempted at Renovation.